Learn to Speak Georgian
in 5 Days, Guaranteed!

  • I’m going to teach you how to get by with only 101 words!
  • No need to write or read anything. Just listen and repeat.
  • Never ever feel lost or lonely in Georgia again!
  • Get compliments from Georgians all the time!

Those Who Listened Say...

I've enjoyed your first 5 lessons of the speak Georgian.

I liked how practical it was for real life conversations we have in Georgia. Taxis, food are very important here. It was a good selection of words too. I knew quite a few of the words already but that made it easy to slot in the new ones. 

Thanks again, it's a great set of lessons.


So sad it's already finished!  It helped me a lot!!! It's 10 years I try to learn Georgian and I couldn't find a good method!.. untill I found yours!

Can't wait to see the new lessons!

All the best ! Good continuation and droebit !! ;)